Born in a family traditionally engaged in manufacture of machines, Hitesh Panchal had a very strong back ground in the field. Being entrepreneur in the field of machine manufacturing, it was a dream of Mr. Hitesh Panchal which he had achieved in a very young age. The strong family background & a vision with determination are the key strength of Mr. Hitesh Panchal. Initially he had started his professional life with one of the local manufacturing firm of a Dewatering Screw Press in Ahmedabad.

The success & acceptance of his hard work inspired him to being an entrepreneur in the field of manufacturing and the fruit comes out as Jash Engineering Systems, currently serving both National & International markets. An ordinary man becomes an extraordinary with his vision, strong determination, hard work & being innovative. With the establishment of Jash Engineering Systems, he dedicated himself to mastering the art and science of manufacturing Dewatering Screw Presses.

Due to his mission for Company supported by strong will power, hard work & innovation, Jash Engineering Systems with a small-scale structure, has earned a national reputation for the technical excellence of its product. It is one of the big players in the Indian market dealing in manufacturing of Dewatering screw press. Jash Engineering Systems expanded its product to serve in the international market as well. Commercially, Jash Engineering Systems is known for its sound business policies and transparency.

Today, Hitesh Panchal has personally trained, long standing skilled staff. With the vision & mission of Mr. Hitesh Panchal, Company is continuously striving for expansion in various areas. It is active both in the field of applying product to different applications in different industries as well as in the manufacturing process of associated machinery used in supplementary processes. It aims to eventually provide turnkey solutions. Innovation is the key for success in every field, this truth is accepted & implemented in the starting of the Jash Engineering Systems , so as a result with the expertise of Mr. Hitesh Panchal, the Company always try to provide technology enabled solutions to its clients. Mr. Hitesh Panchal is a techno-savvy man & his progressive approach is benefited to his customers in various forms like, availability of the information from website, fast & easy contact through all means of communication etc. The future plans include the e-order processing & CRM systems.

On the concluding note, you can expect quality, product satisfaction & transparency in all financial matters, timely delivery & solution to your unique dewatering need. Jash Engineering Systems is always striving for TQM & Customer Satisfaction.